11th May 2015

Why Supplements are Better Than NSAIDs for Dogs

No one likes to see their dog in pain. Dogs are like a part of the family and, as such, you want to do whatever you can to ensure that they are happy and healthy. Your initial reaction to your dog’s wincing, whining and limping may be to run to your medicine cabinet to find something to treat their pain, but you should know that this can do more harm than good. A much better option to pain relievers and NSAIDs are joint supplements for dogs, because they don’t just treat the symptom, they work to correct the problem itself.

NSAIDs are a common pain reliever for many animals, but they can come with some pretty unfortunate side effects. Some of the side effects that your dog may experience from taking NSAIDs include depressed appetite, decreased level of activity, vomiting and diarrhea. Some dogs have even experienced more serious side effects, like liver failure, kidney failure, intestinal and stomach perforations, ulcers and in rare cases, even death. That is why NSAIDs aren’t a good long term treatment option for joint paint --you need a better way to treat your dog and joint supplements for dogs, like Natural Stride, can really help.

No one wants to see their dog in pain, but running to your own medicine cabinet is not the best idea to remedy that pain. Take a more cautious, safer approach to caring for your dog’s joint pain by looking into a supplement. It is also a good idea to talk to your dog’s veterinarian before you make any decisions about what to give your dog.