4th Aug 2014

A Happy and Healthy Pooch with Our Dog Joint Supplements

If you’re a lover of dogs, especially large breeds of dogs, you know how vigorous and playful your pet can be. But with greater weight and girth comes a greater disposition for hip and joint problems. If you’ve noticed that your large dog has begun to limp or move slowly after rising, let Natural Stride help. Our dog joint supplements are designed to help your pooch feel healthy and happy once again.

The “Natural” in our name is not just there for show - we use only the safest and most natural ingredients in our supplements. We utilize the highest manufacturing procedures and maintain the strictest of standards, so you can know that you are giving your dog a quality product. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to see an improvement in your pet’s health. With our dog joint supplements, you’ll see results within days. Simply administer the correct ratio to your dog’s weight, and they’ll be running and playing again very soon. You can also give them our supplements in a handy chew treat form.

Large dogs are lovely pets to own. They provide comfort and warmth and are often the perfect protection for your home. They may want to be lap dogs, and you most likely do very to discourage their enthusiasm. Don’t let hip and joint pain slow them down. Visit Natural Stride today and help them remain active and healthy for years to come. We’re always prepared to answer your questions and help you in any way that we can.