19th Jan 2015

Easing A Dog’s Joint Pain In Winter With A Joint Supplement for Dogs

Just as people with arthritis tend to experience more pain in the winter, so do our dogs. This is thought to be due to the change in air pressure. When the air pressure starts to drop, tissues swell and stiffen, which can make normal joint pain even worse. One way to deal with this is by utilizing a joint supplement for dogs, but there are a couple of other things that you can do to make that supplement work a little bit better for your dog:

  • Help them to lose weight- When a dog is obese or overweight, it puts unnecessary extra pressure on their already sore joints. One of the best ways to help your pup lose weight is with a low fat diet. There are many great dog foods out there that are low in fat and healthy for your dog. Keep in mind that you should always consult your veterinarian before you switch up your dog’s diet.
  • Give them plenty of exercise- Exercise may be hard for a dog with joint problems, but the more they build the muscles around their joints, the more support their joints will have. Start out slow. Walk a few blocks, then come back home. Extend your walk a little bit farther every week, and soon your dog will be getting plenty of exercise. If it is too cold out, you could always exercise your dog inside on a treadmill, you could take them to a dog gym, or you could walk them up and down the stairs in your home.