9th Mar 2015

Forget the Tricks, Our Supplements are Easy to Give

Giving your dog their medication is the bane of every dog owners existence. You can hide things in cheese or in their food, but many dogs won’t be tricked. Some dogs have been known to eat around the pill or spit it out once they come across it. These issues are common when you are trying to persuade your dog to take a chewable pill, but if the supplement isn’t chewable, it can make the whole thing even worse! Now, not only do you have to trick your dog into cooperating by covering the pill with peanut butter or something similar, but you also have to shove it down their throat! Luckily, there is a better way to give your dog the joint supplements they need, and we can help.

Natural Stride isn’t your typical joint supplement for dogs. It is proven to work effectively, and best of all, it is so easy to administer to your dog! Natural Stride comes in two forms, delicious dog chews and tasty powder. When you give your dog Natural Stride chews, they will think they are being given a delicious treat, and the powder is so easy to give that you won’t have to try any tricks to get your dog to take it!

Giving your dog the medication that they need doesn’t have to be a struggle. Keep them active, alleviate stiffness, and help them to be their old selves again with Natural Stride --no tricks or gimmicks required! Learn more about Natural Stride by visiting our site today.