14th Aug 2014

Get Ready for Take Your Dog to Work Day With Our Dog Joint Supplements

Did you know that Take Your Dog to Work Day has been around for over 15 years? The celebration of our favorite four legged friend was started by the Pet SItters International and quickly caught on. There is evidence that the day can be beneficial to workers as well as being fun for their dogs. Pets have been known to lower blood pressure, elevate mood, and help people relax. These are all great benefits for workers! While Take Your Dog to Work Day is over for this year, now is the time to help your old friend get ready for next year by starting them on our dog joint supplements.

Our dog joint supplements will help your dog stay limber and keep up with office life by lubricating joints and reducing inflammation naturally. Now no matter how old your dog is, they can benefit from our supplements and get ready for their big day at the office in 2015. They’ll love it as much as you do!

We hope that Take Your Dog Work Day becomes more than just one day a year. We’d love it if taking your dog to work became the norm in most offices. Thanks to the health benefits to you and the happiness your dog will feel being with you all day, it seems like a win/win situation. Don’t forget to place your order now for our dog joint supplements so your dog is feeling their best by the next Take Your Dog to Work Day!