28th Jul 2014

Get Your Pooch Back in the Water with Our Joint Supplements for Dogs

When your dog was a puppy, they loved to go splashing about in puddles and water dishes. As they grew, you took them to the lake or the beach and let them frolic in the water, having hours of fun without ever seeming to get tired. As they’ve aged, their swimming sessions have become shorter and less frequent, leaving you to wonder if they’re battling arthritis or hip pain. With joint supplements for dogs from Natural Stride, your pooch can get back in the water and enjoy the cool relief once again.

Swimming can be wonderful therapy for aging dogs, but if they don’t even have the energy to get up and get into the water, it can’t be of much benefit. Our safe and natural supplements will restore mobility and fluidity to their joints, relieving pain and giving them vitality and energy once more. You can administer a scoop of powder each day or give our supplements to your dog as a tasty chew treat. Either way you choose, you’ll see results in your canine in a matter of days.

Not only can you find our joint supplements for dogs online, we also sell them at pet supply stores and veterinarian’s offices across the country. If you’d like to find out if you can pick some up near you, try our handy Store Locator tool and see for yourself! If you live near a lake or the beach, take your dog with you on your next watery adventure. They’ll love the cool splash of water and feel energized, just like they did as a puppy.