9th Apr 2014

How to Help Your New Dog Feel at Home, and How Joint Supplements for Dogs Can Help

Did you find the perfect dog to bring home and join your family? The transition into a new household can be a difficult one for some dogs, but there are steps you can take to make it as smooth as possible.

●Before you bring your dog home, be sure you have everything ready to go. Designate a food and water area, and have a bed ready for them to sleep in. It’s a good idea to have some toys and treats ready, too. Have a crate set up and available for your dog to use right away. This can be a calming, safe place for them to get away when they feel overwhelmed. Make sure you have joint supplements for dogs for them along with other supplements to help offset poor veterinary care they may have had before they came to live with you.

●When you arrive home with your dog, take them for a walk. This can help them “reset” and burn off extra nervous energy. It also gives them a chance to go potty before going into their new home. Walking them around their new potty area is a good idea, too, even if it is your backyard. This gives them a chance to potty in the right area and be praised for it, starting the right habits off early.

●During the first few weeks, give your dog plenty of down time. People will want to come meet your new dog, and that’s great for socializing, but remember that your dog can get overwhelmed by all of these new experiences. Allow them to retreat to their crate for comfort, and don’t make them come out if they don’t want to. Stay consistent with your new dog, too, so they understand the expectations of your household.

Be patient, be consistent, and be loving and you’ll have a dog that is well adjusted to your home. Many dog owners say it took a few weeks for their shelter dog to become totally comfortable in their home, so don’t give up if you have issues in the beginning. Joining a new family and moving are both big events in anyone’s life, and that’s no exception for your new dog. Keep them healthy with our joint supplements for dogs and give them lots of love and you’ll have a friend for life!