29th Mar 2015

How to Prevent Joint Pain in Dogs

In our latest blog, we talked about a few of the most important ingredients to look for in a joint supplement for your dog. Although a good joint supplement can greatly improve your dog’s quality of life, if it can be helped, any pet owner would do whatever they can to keep their dog from being in pain in the first place. That is why we have come up with this guide on how to prevent joint pain in dogs:

  • Protect your dog from injury - Arthritis is a common result of an injury that occurred earlier in a dog’s life. Activities that can lead to injury include over exercise, running too hard and jumping too high before your puppy’s bones and joints are able to mature. That is why you should always supervise your puppy when they are exercising or at play.
  • Take prompt action when injury occurs - No matter how well you supervise your dog, accidents happen, and if your dog gets injured, you need to get treatment right away so that their injury doesn’t get worse.
  • Adjust your environment - There are many things that can be hard on your dog’s joints, including jumping on and off of the sofa or bed. You can minimize the impact on your dog’s joints by adjusting your environment. Get a ramp or a step stool for your dog so that they don’t hurt themselves on their way to cuddle with you!
  • Diet and exercise - If a dog is carrying around excess weight, they are a lot more likely to experience joint pain. Feed your dog a healthy diet and make sure that you exercise them regularly.