20th Feb 2014

Human Medications Can Kill! Give Them Our Joint Supplements for Dogs Instead

We think of our dogs as members of our family, and we bet you do, too. But that doesn’t mean they can do everything a human can do, and that includes taking our medications. When you see your dog suffering from joint pain, your first instinct might be to medicate them in the same way you’d medicate yourself for pain. This can be fatal to your pet, though! Medicines like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can kill your pet, and even medications safe for dogs should be given only with veterinarian approval because dosages vary from dog to dog.

So what can you do for your dog when they are suffering from joint pain? Give them something that’s made just for them, like our joint supplements for dogs. We carefully researched what safe, all-natural ingredients should go into our supplements for dogs. We wanted to make sure that our supplements were perfectly safe for dogs and would be packed with ingredients that helps alleviate the pain they experience from joints that are getting older and breaking down. That’s how we came up with the formula for Natural Stride.

You can give our joint supplements for dogs with confidence, knowing you are giving them something made especially to help them. Our formula won’t interact with other veterinarian prescribed medications, either, so it’s safe to add to their diet. Place an order for our supplements today and start to see an improvement in just a few weeks. We’ll ship your order to you quickly, and you should have it at your home in just 1 to 5 business days.