30th Jun 2014

If Your Canine Struggles to Get Up, Our Dog Joint Supplements Can Help

As the owner of an aging pet, if you begin to notice your dog having more and more trouble with standing up and walking, you’d be willing to help them in any way that you could. At Natural Stride, we understand your plight. That’s why we’re here to provide you with dog joint supplements that are completely natural and safe. With these supplements, your pooch can find relief from pain due to arthritis and dysplasia.

It’s important for every dog (and every dog owner) to get plenty of exercise. As your dog ages, those walks and runs can be become less frequent due to joint stiffness and soreness. Hip and joint problems are often more prevalent in larger breeds, and it’s important that your dog isn’t carrying excess weight. A large frame can be enough strain on bones and joints, so it’s imperative not to add to that strain with unnecessary pounds.

Our dog joint supplements come in both powder and chew form. It’s easy to add the powder to your dog’s daily feeding and take the chews in the car for when you’re away from home. You’ll see results quickly and your dog will able to get up easier and move around without pain. They’ll have more mobility and flexibility, and you’ll have more occasions for walks and runs once more. Every order of dog joint supplements ships for a low flat rate and arrives quickly so your canine can have fast, natural pain relief. Shop with us today and help your aging pooch run and play again.