21st Apr 2014

Our Dog Joint Supplements Can Help You Save on Your Pet’s Insurance

If you’ve been a pet owner for very long, you know the costs associated with a pet getting sick can be astronomical. Some sources claim that over the course of your dog’s lifetime, you’ll spend something like $20,000 on their care. Because of this, many pet owners decide to carry an insurance policy for their pets in an effort to try to offset the costs. These insurance policies can run owners into the thousands of dollars over the course of their pet’s life, and Consumer Reports says that the cost of the insurance rarely offsets the veterinary bills (in fact, some people might have paid less if they hadn’t carried insurance).

So what can you do make sure you can afford to keep your pet healthy? Preventative care is your best bet. Heading off problems before they start can save your bank account from costly health issues later in life. Be sure to feed your dog a high quality pet food, give them a regular workout, and keep them on our dog joint supplements. Our supplements are packed with the high quality ingredients you dog needs in order to fight off potential joint problems, once of the most common complaints seen in a veterinarian’s office.

Make sure you have a supply of our dog joint supplements every month! One dose a day is enough for your dog, and you’ll keep them feeling healthy and happy without expensive medical treatments.  Place your order today!