11th Aug 2014

Our Joint Supplements for Dogs Are the Perfect Additional to New Pet Food Fads

If you’ve been shopping for dog food lately, you’ve probably noticed some changes in your favorite brands. One of the things we’ve been seeing in a lot of dog food brands is a movement towards gourmet, natural pet foods. These foods have a higher amount of beneficial ingredients like vitamins and minerals. Some foods are even following human diet trends by offering gluten-free and paleo diet foods for pets. When creating the perfect diet for your pet, don’t forget to add our joint supplements for dogs!

When building your dog’s diet, these new foods are a great place to start! We love that people are investing more in their pets’ diet in order to give them a better quality of life later on. However, these foods aren’t the complete answer. You’ll still want to add a joint supplement for dogs like Natural Stride. While new dog foods are offering your pet better ingredients and health benefits, they aren’t giving dogs the proper daily dose of ingredients that help with your dog’s joint health--which is one of the major health issues that many dogs face during their lives.

We’ve created a powder version of our dog joint supplements so you can easily add it to any food you choose. One scoop is perfect for a dog that is 50 pounds, but you can easily adjust the amount to fit a dog of any size. Now you can give your dog a complete diet that will help them stay healthy, happy, and ready to stay active throughout their life. Place an order for our supplement products today!