27th Mar 2014

Ready To Meet Someone New? Our Dog Joint Supplements Can Help

How can our dog joint supplements help you meet someone new? It’s no secret that a dog helps you get out more. Because of their need for daily exercise, you’ll be forced into social situations. You’ll find yourself out with your dog at least once a day and that helps you explore your neighborhood and meet more people than you would otherwise. But the ability to meet more new people goes beyond the daily walk through your neighborhood or a trip to the dog park!

A study at Tufts University found that people who are strongly bonded to their dogs are also more connected to their communities and to the relationships that they have. We can’t say for sure if dog people are just more friendly or if your dog is teaching you to be a better person, but the fact is you get to meet more people and have better relationships when you own a dog. People are also more likely to say hello to someone walking a dog than to someone who isn’t, making your dog the perfect ice breaker.

If you’ve been wanting to meet more people or get more involved with your community, just grab the leash! Your dog will get you out there. Make sure they’re ready for it with the help of our dog joint supplements. Our supplements will help your dog’s joints stay well lubricated and healthy so you can get out together more often. Pick up your leash and start greeting the neighbors! Natural Stride dog joint supplements and your furry best friend are ready to go.