1st Apr 2014

Senior Dogs Need Homes, Too! Our Dog Joint Supplements Can Help Them Stay Younger, Longer

Senior dogs are the hardest to place for rescues and shelters. People want the joy of a puppy and shy away from an older dog. Many times they are concerned that an older dog will have bad habits they will have to break or health problems that they’ll have to deal with. The truth is that older dogs can be easier to live with because they are often times housebroken, know a few tricks, and just want someone to spend their days with. Adopting an older dog can be a rewarding and enriching experience.

Adopt an older dog and give them a fresh start with our dog joint supplements. One of the major health issues an older dog can face is inflammation of the joints, resulting in stiffness and pain. This can make this seem less active (and less fun) than their younger counterparts. But when they start a regimen of our dog joint supplements, you’ll start to see a big difference in their behavior within a few weeks. Their pain and inflammation will start to disappear and a more energetic, healthier dog will appear.

Don’t hesitate to adopt an older dog. These dogs have lots of years left and are so excited to have a forever home with you! They want to join in on your daily activities, whether it’s a jog or just running errands in the car. Give them the chance at a happy life by giving them a home and dog joint supplements to keep them healthy. There are adoption centers that specialize in placing senior dogs, so check them out and find your perfect pup. Then order your supply of Natural Stride! We’ll ship it fast so your new friend can start enjoying it right away.