25th Mar 2014

Technology Can Monitor Your Dog’s Activity; Our Joint Supplements for Dogs Will Keep Them Active

Last year we saw a lot of apps come to the market that promised to help us get in shape. Many of these apps had corresponding gadgets that hooked onto us and monitored how much we sat, how much we moved, and even how much we were sleeping at night. Compiling the data with the help of the app gave many people eye-opening results, and some of us were spurred on to healthier, more active lifestyles thanks to it. Now your dog can benefit from similar technology!

Several devices and apps have been released this year that promise to do for Fido what they did for you. By attaching a device to your dog’s collar and syncing it with your smartphone, you’ll be able to see how active your dog is during the day while you are away and you can help make sure they are getting enough exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Make sure your dog is ready to handle the increase in activity with our joint supplements for dogs.

Just like you, your dog can’t go from sedentary to active without some repercussions. They may experience swelling in the joints with increased activity, and if they’ve put on excess pounds it can exacerbate the problem. Our supplements are made to increase the liquid cushion in the joint and ease inflammation so they can get out and get active again without feeling the pain and pressure of sore joints. Your dog deserves an active lifestyle! Get them out there safely with the help of Natural Stride’s joint supplements for dogs.