2nd Jul 2014

The Highest Level of Ingredients in Our Joint Supplements for Dogs

People often compare and contrast supplements for their pets. They read the ingredients list and try to see what each one contains. The problem is, they may not know what certain ingredients are or what effects they can have on their pet. At Natural Stride, we provide a description of every ingredient in our joint supplements for dogs. We never add any fillers, preservatives, or binders to “beef up” our supplements.

One of the most beneficial ingredients in our joint supplements for dogs is glucosamine. Glucosamine is naturally produced by your dog’s body to form and repair tissue, but as they age, production slows down and their joints may become stiff and sore. With a daily scoop of Natural Stride in your dog’s food, your canine’s joints will begin to feel more fluid and they’ll feel like moving and playing once again. Inactivity can only compound your dog’s joint problems, so regular exercise is the best way to maintain a good level of health. Our supplements can help their bones and joints support them during exercise.

With Natural Stride’s joint supplements for dogs, you’ll see quick results as well as long-lasting effects. We are completely FDA approved and cGMP compliant, so you’ll know that we follow the strictest guidelines and use only the highest quality of ingredients when manufacturing our products. If you’d love to see your dog be active once more, pick up some supplements from our store today. You’ll be walking and running with your pooch in no time.