6th Mar 2014

Waiting For Our Joint Supplements for Dogs To Arrive? Take These Steps in the Meantime

Maybe you’ve already placed your order for our joint supplements for dogs and are just waiting for them to arrive now. Or maybe you’ve started giving your dog our powder supplement or tasty chews but it hasn’t been long enough to start seeing results. In the meantime, you are stuck watching your dog feel miserable, too achy to move like he or she used to. You want to help them start to feel better sooner, but what can you do?

Lots! There are plenty of things you can do to make your dog more comfortable while you wait for our all-natural formula to get to work.

●Make adjustments to your dog’s environment that will make it easier for him or her to get around. That might include a ramp up to the couch or bed, or a special padded bed for them to sleep on that doesn’t place stress on their joints.

●Get your dog out for a daily walk. Exercise may be the last thing you think they want, but it could be extremely beneficial for your pup. Even a short walk around the block can have a positive effect by strengthening the muscles around the joints, giving them more support.

●Don’t let your dog jump. Jumping is hard on their hurting joints, so you might have to lift them down out of the car or keep them from jumping off of furniture. That will help their joints rest and avoid additional stress.

Before you know it, you’ll have your shipment of joint supplements for dogs and be able to see the difference it makes in the health of your dog! Enjoy more pain-free years with your dog with Natural Stride.