29th Jun 2014

Watch Your Dog Play with Their Favorite Toys Again

You love buying toys for your dog and they love playing with them. You’ve given them chew toys, squeaky toys, rope toys, and tennis balls. They used to spend hours tossing them into the air and fetching them, seemingly never running out of energy. If you’ve recently noticed that your dog doesn’t delve into their toy box as often as they used to, it could be cause for concern. Hip and joint pain may be slowing down your dog. Natural Stride’s joint supplements for dogs can help restore mobility and relieve pain, letting your dog return to play in a short amount of time.

Our joint supplements for dogs come in both chew and powder form and are made from the safest and most natural ingredients. You won’t have to worry about negative side effects and you’ll see results in a matter of days. Your dog will have more energy and vitality and will want to play once more. Plus, the effects from our supplements are long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about your supply running thin. Depending on your dog’s weight, a few scoops with each day’s diet will produce fantastic results.

If your dog is advanced in age and you can tell that their pain is severe, help them live a better life with our veterinarian strength dog chews. These chews will provide elderly dogs with relief from severe arthritis, dysplasia, and general joint pain. With our joint supplements for dogs, you can head out to the pet store and find your dog their next favorite toy.