31st Mar 2014

Why Is There Yucca in Our Joint Supplements for Dogs?

You might be more familiar with Yucca as the spiky plant used in low-water landscaping projects, and might be surprised to see it listed on the ingredients in our products. While it works well for landscaping purposes, it works great in our joint supplements for dogs. Yucca is an all-natural ingredient that provides many of the same benefits as steroid medications without the potentially harmful side effects. Yucca provides an anti-inflammatory effect that is so important for dogs dealing with joint pain. Reducing inflammation is the first step to providing joint pain relief and giving your dog back his mobility.

There are no reported side effects with yucca, making it a safe, natural solution for your pet. We carefully researched each ingredient going into our joint supplements for dogs to ensure they are both a safe and effective treatment for dogs. Combined with other ingredients like cetyl myristoleate, glucosamine, Omega 3 fatty acids, and more, our supplements are powerful with being harmful and causing dangerous side effects. This is a healthy solution for a healthier dog.

We know how hard it is to watch your dog suffer from joint pain, and with ingredients like yucca they won’t have to. You’ll start to see your younger, more vibrant dog return within just a few weeks of taking Natural Stride. Imagine being able to run and play with them like you did when they were younger. You can get that time back. Order your supply of Natural Stride today and take advantage of our free shipping offers!