13th Apr 2014

Why Your Kid Needs a Dog and How Dog Joint Supplements Help Both of Them

Have your kids been begging you for a dog? Your first instinct might be to immediately say no, but take a minute to consider the upside to getting your child a pet of their own. You know that a dog can teach them responsibility, but you don’t want to end up holding the leash when they’ve gotten tired of ownership. Lay down consequences for kids who don’t pitch in to help with the dog, but make sure that everyone in the family is on board with dog ownership before you bring one home. It isn’t fair to stick one person with all the work (for you or the dog!).

Owning a dog can teach kids more than just responsibility, though. A dog can be a kid’s best friend growing up, and it can be especially beneficial to kids who have a hard time fitting in, making friends, or who are especially shy. A dog can help bring kids out of their shell and give them an easy opening for conversation with other children. Owning a dog has been shown to help with issues like PTSD, too, so children who have dealt with a difficult or scary situation may find comfort in their furry companion. Some schools are even bringing in dogs to teach kids how to avoid bullying, and that kind of empathy is something they can learn at home, too.

If you decide it is time to bring a dog into your family, make sure you are ready to give them the best care possible, too. Feed your dog our dog joint supplements and help make sure they have many healthy and happy years with your child. They’ll need the energy to keep up with your kids, and you don’t want an older dog to be sore while playing with your child. Our dog joint supplements are made with the best, high quality ingredients that have been known to help joints avoid the natural deterioration that occurs with aging. Bring home your dog and our dog joint supplements for a winning combination that will make everyone in the family happy!