25th Feb 2014

You May Be Able to Avoid Expensive Surgery Thanks to Our Dog Joint Supplements

Many veterinarians are quick to jump to a surgical option when dealing with joint pain issues in your dog. However, studies have shown that these surgeries actually have a very low success rate for dogs. When taking into account the expenses you face from surgery and the risk it puts your dog in, suddenly surgery doesn’t sound so great. And while it may be a valid last ditch effort to help your dog, we have another option for you to consider first: Natural Stride’s dog joint supplements.

Our dog joint supplements have been shown to naturally repair the damage done to knee joints as our dogs age. Without surgery or risky medications, your dog can enjoy movement and range of motion they haven’t had in years. It’s all thanks to ingredients like cetyl myristoleate, which rebuild lubrication and decrease inflammation and pain. After a few weeks on our formula, you might be like other customers of ours who find their dog no longer needs surgery.

We have regular strength and veterinarian strength formulas, and you can choose the one that meets the needs of your dog. You have nothing to lose by trying our dog joint supplements--other than an expensive surgery bill--because we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. That means you can try our products out for yourself and see if they make a difference in the health of your dog.