18th May 2014

Your Aging Pooch Can Benefit From Our Dog Joint Supplements

You've had your dog for many years. You've made wonderful memories on walks, on vacations, and by just being around the house with them. They're a constant companion and as they age, it can be tough to watch them slow down and struggle to be as active as they once were. Help relieve their pain and discomfort with dog joint supplements from Natural Stride.

Our dog joint supplements are safe and natural, with ingredients that are focused on healing your dog internally. The key ingredient, Cetyl Myristoleate, has many advantages – including pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as regulation of the immune system. Our supplements will help rebuild cartilage in bones and reduce the effects of joint pain and arthritis. The inclusion of Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, helps ward off infections and inflammations. Find out what all of our ingredients are on this page.

You'd love to have many more years with your dog. You knew that when they were born or when you adopted them, that they wouldn't be around for your entire life. But the years you do have with them are to be cherished. Help them live a full, active life for a long time by giving them a supplement that will have only positive effects on their internal health. You can find our dog joint supplements online or by searching for a store or veterinarian near you that carries them. We're proud to offer a quality, natural product that bears great results in both health and happiness.