21st Jan 2014

Get Your Pet In Shape With our Joint Supplements for Dogs

There is a lot of talk in our media today about the health of the people in the United States, and how obesity is epidemic. That people isn’t strictly reserved for the humans in this country. Unfortunately, our furry family members are following suit. An estimated 25-40% of the dogs in our country are overweight, and for our dogs, even just a few pounds extra can mean a lot of extra health problems. Heart disease, diabetes, hip and joint issues, and more can shorten the life of your pet and rob you of the time you could have had together.

But you can do something to make your dog healthier, and make their later years the best they’ve ever had. Exercising your dog every day and giving them Natural Stride joint supplements for dogs can help start to take the weight off your dog. Our joint supplements will ensure that your dog can move pain-free, enjoying the agility they had as a younger, lighter dog. That will help them exercise more, and for longer periods of time, so they can get the weight off. Help your dog live her best life! Start her on our joint supplements for dogs today.