8th Nov 2013

Natural Stride Makes Giving Your Dog Joint Supplements A Breeze

If you are a dog owner, you know giving your dog a pill can be a lot of messy work. If they don’t fall for the “pill wrapped in cheese” trick, you could be in trouble. And as your dog ages, getting them the medication and supplements they need to feel better becomes even more important. We knew when we created our dog joint supplements that they needed to be easier to administer to pets. The easier it was for a dog to take our supplement, the better chance our supplement had to help that dog achieve better joint health.


That’s why our supplements are in an easy to administer powder form. With the included scoop, simply add the supplement to your dog’s food. Dogs love the taste, and won’t try to “eat around” the powder. That ensures they actually get the right amount of each nutrient to help their joints get better. One scoop is enough to maintain a 50lbs dog on a daily basis for a full two months. That means our supplement is not only easier to use, it is also significantly more affordable than other dog joint supplements on the market.


Our supplements are made from the finest ingredients because we know that you and your pet deserve only the best. There are no fillers, preservatives, or artificial colors or flavors. You can rest assured you are giving your best canine friend the premium product for joint health made in our FDA registered facilities in the United States. Our high quality ingredients work together to alleviate pain your pet may be feeling from arthritis and hip dysplasia.


Want to try our Natural Stride dog joint supplements for yourself? We are currently offering a 60-day money back guarantee on our dog joint supplements. Try them for yourself and see the difference they can make for your pet. Buy our joint supplement in the 3-pack for even bigger savings and better health!