7th Jan 2014

Our Joint Supplements for Dogs Are a Great Step to Protect Your Dog This Winter

Wintertime poses it’s own set of challenges to the health of your dog. Here are some things to watch for in the winter to keep your dog feeling his best:


  • Watch out for chemicals that make an appearance in the winter months, and keep curious dogs away from them. Watch for chemicals like antifreeze and rock salt. It’s a good idea to rinse off and blow dry your dog’s feet after a walk to prevent them from accidentally ingesting these poisons.
  • Dogs can get dehydrated in the winter just as easily as they can in the summer. Make sure your dog has access to plenty of clean, fresh water--and don’t assume snow is a good substitute.
  • Keep your dog indoor. Dogs left outside for extended periods of time could become victims of frostbite, especially on their ears, tails, and paws. While their fur helps them stay warm, it’s not good for prolonged exposure.
  • Give your dog joint supplements for dogs from Natural Stride. These supplements will keep your dog limber during the cold weather, and they also contain a healthy dose of Vitamin C, an antioxidant that could help ward off wintertime illnesses.


Follow these tips during the winter months and you and your dog will be enjoying spring weather again together in no time!