22nd Nov 2013

What Are Customers Saying About Our Dog Joint Supplements?

We can tell you all day long about how great our dog joint supplements are, but we know the most persuasive comments are those coming from actual customers. That’s why we make sure you can read what others have to say about our products and read for yourself the difference it’s making for thousands of pets across the country. Check out the testimonials on our website. What you are reading are actual comments from real customers about Natural Stride. All the individuals featured on our testimonials page have signed legal consent for us to share their success on our website. They are eager to tell other dog owners considering Natural Stride supplements for their dogs how well it has worked for them, and encourage new customers to try it for themselves.


This is one of our favorite testimonials:

“Thank you so much for Natural Stride for Dogs!! I was thinking that I would have to my 12yr old greyhound to sleep since nothing else was working. But after a little over a week, he was able to go in and out of the house by himself (3 stairs to get in and out). He has been on it for a little over a month and though he’s not like a puppy, he is able to run and even jump from time to to time. Great stuff and I recommend it to everyone!” --Linda, Miami, FL


We love that our product is extending the life--and the quality of life--for so many dogs like Lisa’s. That’s more years their owners can enjoy the love and companionship of their canine friends. If your dog is having problems with arthritis or hip dysplasia, take a chance on Natural Stride for Dogs. It’s easy to administer to your dog; you simply add it to their food so they get the most essential nutrients per bite for better joint health. Many patients start to see results in only a few weeks. Using our product can mean pain relief for your dog and more time for you both to enjoy life together!