3rd Jan 2014

Winter is the Perfect Time to Start Your Dog on Our Dog Joint Supplements

The east coast has experienced it’s first big snowstorm of 2014. Several feet blanketed the region, making it difficult for dogs and humans alike to get out and about. But that isn’t the only problem that comes with that kind of cold weather! The cold temperatures that come with the winter months can increase joint pain from arthritis, and for both you and your dog. So when the snow flies, it affects the furry members of your household, too. Cold weather can exacerbate your dog’s joint pain, making them stiffer and slower than they are in warmer weather. But they don’t have to suffer through the winter--you can help them find relief!

When the weather turns cold, get our dog joint supplements for your dog. Ideally, this supplement should be given year round so your dog can enjoy the maximum benefits. That way by the time next winter rolls in, our supplements have had a chance to build up in their system and protect their joints from stiffness and pain. You’ll notice a difference from the way they move and interact this winter and the ease of which they engage in activities next winter. Help your dog feel great all year long, in warm and cold weather, with Natural Stride’s dog joint supplements!